[DEAD] Jesker Helton

Priest of Erastil



Jesker Helton was a priest of Erastil who was one of the few remaining spiritual leaders left in the formerly demon-occupied city of Drezen. With the Fifth Mendevian Crusade intensifying and no friends, family, or experienced Erastilians in Drezen to help him with leading his flock of followers, Jesker consulted the teachings of Delamere who taught that cities were among the greatest blights humanity had ever conceived, and that any settlement of more than 53 citizens was inherently evil.

In order to learn more about Delamere, Jesker ventured out into the Worldwound in search of her tomb only to find it desecrated by a shachath demon who immediately possessed him, isolated him from the people who needed him, damaged his faith and reputation, and most importantly severed his connected to Erastil. Kidnapped and physical and mentally tortured for a month, he was eventually saved by the Archangels who rescued him from the depths of Delamere’s Tomb and brought him back to New Drezen.

Neth 4713 AR // Unfortunately, the shachath demon ultimately triumphed in the end. With Jesker’s connection to Erastil completely severed and the lack of care and help to lead him back towards the path of redemption, the priest of Erastil took his own life on the steps of Sanctuary.

[DEAD] Jesker Helton