[DEAD] Exorius

Demonic Commander of Drezen



The older twin brother of the legendary hero Yaniel, Exorius of Nerosyan was a famed demon slayer who single-handedly slew the all-powerful Witch of the Rifts by himself with his blade, Twilight. In 4692 AR, soon after his younger sister Yaniel went into the Worldwound to fight the Fourth Crusade on her own, Exorius cursed the priesthood of Iomedae for sending his sister to her death. He immediately went into the demonic lands to search and rescue his sister by himself only to never return. It was said that his legendary blade Twilight was forever lost.

17 Arodus 4719 AR // On the eve of battle, the heroes and their armies face against a risen demonic & vampiric incubus commanding an army of thousand dretches, cultists, tieflings, ghouls, zombies, and more on the footsteps of Citadel Drezen. The Archangels attempt to break through into the Citadel only to be thwarted by the Citadel’s defenses and the incubus commander and his rift drake mount. After a lengthy battle, the heroes are able to defeat and slay the undead incubus who turns out to be a demon-corrupted Exorius himself. Freed from his corruption, the spirit of Exorius rises to the Astral Sea as he thanks the Archangels from freeing him from the demonic taint.

[DEAD] Exorius