Fenna Orlun

Mendevian Ambassador to Brevoy


Fenna is a highly intelligent arcanist with a charming personality. Her attitude is somewhat childish, but is also quite cheerful and positive always looking in the good of things. This make her seen as somewhat naive to others around her. She prefers to cast conjuration and evocations spells and abhors anything icky like necromancy spells.



Fenna Orlun, the half-elf granddaughter of Quednys Olrun, is a burgeoning arcanist and assistant librarian at the Librarium of the Black Wing. She wishes to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps and join the Riftwardens.

During the Storm King’s assault, the majority of Blackwing had crumbled to rubble, with only the main hall standing, its vaulted ceiling strudy enough to keep this fragment of the whole intact. She and a group of other librarians were the only survivors of the disaster, and spent much of their time after the fall huddled in despair. A crusader in distress named Chaleb Sazomal came to the librarium for help and, being the brave and kind girl she is, offered the man shelter. Unfortunately, letting him in ended up being one of their worst mistakes as he captured and tied them up with his tiefling followers in order to sacrifice them. Luckily though, she and the rest of the librarians were saved by the heroes and have been safely escorted to Defender’s Heart.

18 Arodus 4719 AR // After some questioning, Fenna reveals to them that Blackwing was destroyed by a horrific abomination – a man made of worms who used magic and enslaved demons to smash the structure down. They suspect that the worm took several treasures and Riftwardens before he left, but are unsure what he specifically took. She knows of Aravashnial but does not remember seeing him during the fall of the Blackwing.

The young girl has taken a liking to Fynna’s kind nature and warm touch and has embraced her as a mentor of sorts. She tells Fynna that the information on deceased Riftwardens is probably lost in the ruined Blackwing, but there might be a standing archive still standing in the city of Drezen if she’s still determined to find out what happened to her parents.

Fenna Orlun