Horgus Gwerm

Foul-Tempered Kenabres Noble


Though middle-aged, Horgus does what he can to keep fit by practicing with his rapier, but over the past few years, his sparring sessions have grown few and far between. He is a relatively homely man but is never at a loss for female companionship. Beneath his acerbity he possesses an intelligence mind and keen observational powers which some find fascinating.



Horgus is a wealthy aristocrat from one of the minor noble families of Kenabres. He’s an arrogant, self-important nobleman with a grating personality. He’s genuinely shocked and offended if other’s don’t recognize his statue. His redeeming quality may be his ruthless honesty. Though his speech is infrequently buffered by tact, Horgus is known for speaking the truth.

18 Arodus 4719 AR // The heroes successfully escorted Horgus safely back to his manor in southern Kenabres. True to his word, he rewarded them 1,000 gp and awkwardly promised to aid the resistance effort in any way he could. Hearing the news that heroes are planning to assault the Gray Garrison, Horgus has promised the surviving crusaders (who are planning a series of attacks to distract the demons from the Gray Garrison for the heroes) a large portion of his supplies to better help equip them.

Horgus Gwerm