Maranse Delaskru

Swashbuckling Crusader


A renown swashbuckling hero from Kenabres, Maranse Delaskru’s skill with a rapier is legendary.



Maranse Delaskru is a swashbuckling hero from Kenabres who went missing on a mission into the Worldwound 2 years ago. According to others in his expedition, Maranse attempted to penetrate into Citadel Drezen but encountered the horrors within Drezen’s dungeon and became insane. He was quickly captured, tortured, and corrupted by the demons (including a terrifyingly beautiful succubus of unknown origins).

He was eventually saved by the Archangels during their assault and helped them with information about the inner depths of Citadel Drezen. After the capture of Drezen, Fynna took upon herself to help redeem Maranse’s tortured soul. After months of care, therapy (including religious sexual rituals of Shelyn), and general bonding with Fynna, the evil taint surrounding Maranse’s soul was cleansed. He now helps with the training of budding crusader’s at Praetoril’s new War College as he waits to build up his strength further so he can fight on the frontlines once more.

Maranse Delaskru