[???] Nurah Dendiwhar

Deceitful Worldwound Historian


Nurah is an expert on the early Mendevian Crusades and the lore of ancient Sarkoris. She augments the value of her knowledge by being an excellent traveling companion-generous and complimentary without being a sycophant. She has cast herself as a tenacious survivor much like the rest of the Archangels – blessed with luck and skill, while equally dedicated to stopping the demon incursion. Her possible sabotage against Veri and eventual escape however has painted her in a more sinister light. The enigma that is Nurah Dendiwhar is shadowed under a dark cloud as the Archangels unravel the halfling’s true intentions.



None would deny that Nurah’s skill at bolstering morale is invaluable, or that her knowledge of Sarkorian history and the Mendevian Crusades is critical, yet the truth is that Nurah seems to be working with the demons of the Worldwound. Her infiltration on the crusade might have hindered the Archangels a bit, but she was unsuccessful in her attempt. She now resides inside Citadel Drezen, possibly waiting to strike back at the heroes of the Fifth Crusade.

[???] Nurah Dendiwhar