Quednys Orlun

Founder & Head Librarian of Blackwing


Quednys is a scholar and member of the Riftwardens. His extensive knowledge about demons has helped the Librarium of the Broken Black Wing become the most complete record of research on demon hunting in all of Mendev.


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Quednys Orlun is an aged and angular human with an eagle’s talon tattoo on his cheek. Founder and head librarian of Blackwind, Quednys was instrumental saving several citizens from certain death. He suffered a nearly fatal wound in doing so, but sirvived after he was brought to Defender’s Heart and healed. Since then, Quednys has helped keep order in the inn. As the highest surviving political official left in the city, he has led tribunals against looters, murderers, cultists, and other dastardly criminals within the inn the last few days in an effort to establish order. He believed that Blackwing was completely destroyed and was haunted by this fact until the heroes came in brought back the remaining surviving librarians including his granddaughter Fenna Orlun. He is forever grateful for their help and promises to aid the heroes in whatever way he can.

Quednys Orlun