Sosiel Vaenic

Priest of the Eternal Rose


Optimistic and passionate, Sosiel Vaenic is a priest of Shelyn – one of the last few in Kenabres after the goddess’s temple was destroyed. He provides a boost to morale and additional healing, but can also assist the heroes of Kenabres in numerous other ways as they retake Drezen for the Fifth Crusade.



Sosiel Vaenic has spent several years among the crusaders of Mendev, serving in the (now- destroyed) church of Shelyn in Kenabres. He is no stranger to how the intensity of the conflict can wear down crusaders, having seen this despair strike his lover Veri. Sosiel maintains a frank optimism in the face of even the most daunting atrocities committed by the enemy, working tirelessly to oppose the temptations, ailments, and despair the demons inflict on those in his care. His jovial spirit and genuine concern for others has had a profound effect on those he meets.

During the fall of Kenabres, a large group of abrikandilu demons attacked the church of Shelyn. The ratlike demons were tenacious, and each time Sosiel and the other priests drove them off, they returned in larger numbers. Each wave further reduced the priests’ resources, and in the end they made the tough call to get its remaining wards and recovering patients to safety elsewhere while the priests acted as a rearguard. In the end, the demons tore the church apart and killed all of the priests but Sosiel. He tries to keep a brave and positive attitude, focusing on those he saved (who, in truth, outnumber those who perished), but the loss of the temple still gnaws at him. He joined up with the Eagle Watch at
Defender’s Heart, and when Queen Gallifrey was looking for experts to send with the Archangels, his name topped the list.

Sosiel projects a sense of calm and serenity. He believes that maintaining an impeccable appearance in his clerical vestments and well-worn gear inspires those around him, and he’s not wrong. He cuts an imposing figure on the battlefield with his tall frame and mighty warhammer. A crystal medallion with the embossed image of Shelyn’s thrush always hangs from his neck against his chest under his armor, taking on an iridescent sheen in the light of the sun.

Sosiel Vaenic