Veri Kir

Crusader Tactician and Engineer


Veri Kir is a relentless crusader who executes her abyssal targets with an arsenal of ranged weapons. She prefers to crouch and take aim far from danger, relying on bows, deadly traps, and projectiles to swiftly bring an end to the creatures that haunt her world.



Underneath her hard exterior, Veri has the look of a woman haunted by her own weaknesses and worn down by the loss of too many friends. She joined the ranks of the Mendevian Crusader early in her youth to escape the streets of Cassomir, and became quite renown for her scouting and infiltration skills. Back in 4714 AR, Veri led a platoon of crusaders famously known as Kenabres Wolves who were captured by a powerful shadow demon and the Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth during an expedition into the Undying Plateau. During that year long imprisonment, they tortured her subordinates and forcefully administered the shadowblood drug causing her to be addicted. After an elite force of crusaders led by Jakkard Ardoda saved them, she and the remaining survivors of her platoon were sent back to Kenabres in order to recuperate from their physical and psychological wounds. Veri felt directly responsible for the fate of her troops and entered a deep depression as she fought through withdrawal. In desperation she sought the aid of the church of Shelyn in which she met Sosiel Vaenic who helped provided her with much needed ballast and support in her life. Though she has relapsed a couple of times, she had been clean for almost over a year and seemed to be finally getting better.

5 Rova 4713 AR // She relapsed during the march to Drezen when an unknown entity (suspicions suggest it was Nurah Dendiwhat) planted vials of the shadowblood drug into her tent after the Battle of Vilareth Ford. Thanks to Praetoril’s diagnosis and Sosiel’s holy magic, they were able to stop the addiction and the negative effects of the drug before it got any worse.

Veri Kir