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The Worldwound, a demon-haunted wasteland that lies at the northernmost reaches of central Avistan, tore reality apart at the dawn of the Age of Lost Omens murdering the nation of Sarkoris and unleashing a ravenous demonic horde upon the world. This rift to the Abyss opened on the Material Plane threatened all of creation until the quick action of several other nations of knights, barbarians, and heroes stemmed the demons and contained it within lost Sarkoris, and for the next century, crusade after crusade tried to defeat the demons only to fail time and time again. Their greatest success, the line of magical artifacts known as Wardstones that stand sentinel along the Worldwound’s border, barely manages to contain the demons.

Thanks to the heroic efforts of five extraordinary aasimars, the Worldwound’s devious plan to corrupt the wardstones was prevented at the cost of destroying them first. Though Mendev’s greatest defense against the demonic horde is now no more, the Archangels became invested with the wardstone’s righteous mythic power and rose to become the greatest heroes of the Fifth Mendevian Crusade. They marched north and in a week’s time reclaimed the city of Drezen and recovered the lost sacred banner known as the Sword of Valor, establishing a significant foothold behind enemy lines.

With the Sword of Valor in hand, the Archangels and Mendevian Empire worked hard to rebuild New Drezen into a bastion of light and hope against the Abyss despite the insurmountable challenges they faced. The aasimar heroes dealt with demonic-worshiping barbarians, traitorous crusaders plotting from within the ranks, vile cultists of the Ivory Labyrinth, nightmarish demons spawned from all sorts of sins and vices, an otherworldly abyssal dragon of sheer might, a terrible demonplague that brought the crusade to its knees, and the Worm That Walks and his legion of Blackfire Adepts. Casualties were inevitable; over a thousand people (1/10th of the population) were killed throughout the ongoing conflict and Queen Yennefer Galfrey was assassinated by the vile Nurah Dendiwhar. Thanks to a redeemed succubus named Arueshalae and the tenacity of the Archangels though, they were able to locate the Ivory Sanctum, dismantle the Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth, and thwart the Worm That Walks before he could initiate his plans to steal the Riftkey from Fynna.

Within the Ivory Sanctum the Archangels discover from Vang’s notes that the demon lords Baphomet and Deskari plan to create an unholy alliance between them and the Queen of Shadows (Lady Nocticula) in order to unearth raw Nahyndrian crystals in her Abyssal domain of the Midnight Isles. Leaving the war in the hands of Fynna’s lover and newly ascended King Tyvere Galfrey, the Archangels fly out to handle the most immediate threat. Though the Abyssal domain is planar locked by Baphomet’s Champion Avaxiel, Archmage Kaluza used the power of Fynna’s Riftkey to tear open a gate into the Midnight Isles and escape Avaxiel and his minions into Nocticula’s domain. Arriving in Alushinyrra, the Porphyry City, the Archangels create a plan to develop notoriety within the City of Sin to gain an audience with Lady Nocticula herself. In a manner of months the Archangels resurrected and saved the legendary crusader champion Yaniel from eternal torment, became abyssal gladiatorial champions of great renown, conned demonic beings into their service, thwarted the Worm That Walks and his cultists from corrupting the city, gambled their soul (and lost it) to demonic gangsters, threw the greatest party in the history of the multiverse, and even copulated and assassinated Shamira the Ardent Dream (the most beautiful and deadly of Nocticula’s succubi).

Their efforts were rewarded as they attracted the attention of Nocticula and, with convincing, secured the Queen of Shadow’s cooperation and her promise to not interfere. From there the Archangels traveled to the isle of Colyphyr to seek out the Nahyndrian mine to stop Baphomet’s mining operations. The mine is massive and well protected by powerful demons, dragons, and much worse things and after a week of infiltration the heroes slay Avaxiel and Hepzamirah. In an ill-conceived fit of rage of losing both his champion and favorite daughter, Baphomet’s uses his daughter’s soul to invade the Midnight Isles, fully intending to slaughter the Archangels himself. Praetoril and the Collective flee in fear as Baphomet banishes Adlo into his Ivory Labyrinth and slays the other Archangels one by one. Before he could deal the final blow however, Nocticula materialized in front of the Archangels and struck at the Lord of Minotaurs. For the briefest of moments, the Demon Lord was dead and the Worldwound shuddered in this changing tide of the war. Though successful in their mission, the Archangel’s had their share of casualties. Archmage Kaluza’s soul was lost in a risky bet and Adlo was plane shifted into the largest world labyrinth in the multiverse.

With the planar locks of the Midnight Isles lifted, the Archangels return to New Drezen to find that over five years have passed since they’ve been in the Abyss. The Mendevian Crusade slowly pushed back the demons of the Worldwound thanks to the leadership of King Tyvere Galfrey and the heroics of Commander Daigo Ardoda, heir to the Ardoda family and newest Herald to the Goddess Iomedae. Months prior to the Archangel’s return however, a desperate priest called upon Iomedae’s herald to aid in an attack on the demon-ruled city of Raliscrad where Baphomet saw his chance. He dispatched Ylleshka, the warden of his great Ineluctable Prison, to the battle. Her capture of Daigo and retreat to the Abyss broke the crusader army and saved Raliscrad from a critical defeat, and now Iomedae’s closest agents is the Horned Lord’s prisoner. The priest who called upon the herald to aid in the attack on Raliscrad took his own life in shame over his role in allowing the herald to be taken, and the blow has done terrible damage to crusader morale – had not the actions of the Archangels bolstered the Fifth Crusade’s hope to new highs, such a catastrophic and humiliating defeat might have well broken the crusade’s will to go on.

As they return, the Archangels are called upon by Iomedae herself as they dream on their first night home to take the fight to Baphomet after proving to her their courage, devotion, and righteousness. Successfully withstanding her presence and impressing her, she gives the Archangels these final words:

“You are worthy to champion me against Baphomet, for mandate prohibits the interaction of the divine. I charge you as worthy souls to go into the darkness of the Abyss, into the Ivory Labyrinth of my enemy, and seek out my herald. If he be dead or worse, I trust you shall finish things as befits those of your boldness. Heed the advice I have given you. Go forth on a road of honor, swiftly and with great justice, to defeat Baphomet and return or avenge my herald. In so doing you may find the strength to face the true peril that lies ahead. Deskari always watches, and the time shall soon come when the Worldwound must be closed forever lest it consume your world.”

The Archangels wake up from their dream, in their hand the treasures of Iomedae: The Chalice of Ozem, the Sword of Forgiveness, and the Stole of the Inheritor.

After a brief respite visiting their family and loved ones, Fynna uses her Riftkey to plane shift the Archangels into the Ivory Labyrinth. Over the course of two years, the Archangels navigate the unforgiving, forever changing world maze as they try to find Daigo Ardoda traversing through infamous locations such as the Breathless Mountains and River of Styx, slaying the legendary Father of Worms, eventually arriving at the Ineluctable Prison, a massive cube of countless bone, all fused as if made partially molten and then smashed together. Huge bonespurs lance out in all direction from the central point, which measures over 50,000 feet in width. The entire thing is held aloft over a churning caldera of black water by immense chains that connect the prison the ring of the surrounding mountains. After defeating Baphomet’s guards at the front of the Groaning Gates, the Archangels use the blood from the Father of Worms within the Chalize of Ozem to dissolve the prison’s locks. Successful, the Archangels enter Baphomet’s prison, one of the most dangerous locations in the Abyss, and must perform a daring rescue before all is lost.

Can the heroes rescue Iomedae’s herald, or will they arrive too late? Was the abduction merely a lure by the demon lord Baphomet to get the heroes to fall into his clutches? The adventure continues in the Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth.


The Archangels are an organized group of six aasimar adventurers imbued with holy mythic power thanks to the diffused power of Kenabres’s wardstone. Brought together under a cloud of increasing demonic attacks from the Worldwound, these extraordinary adventurers join forces to lead Mendev and the Fifth Crusade against Deskari, Demon Lord of the Locust Host and Bringer of the Apocalypse.
hakim_name.png LG Male Aasimar Paladin 16 [Champion 7]
Holy Dervish of Abadar-Sarenrae
Knight-Divine of the Mendevian Empire
Lord Commander of the Queensguard

Ser Aziz Hakim, or Aziz the Dervish, is the child of Abadar and Sarenrae; a fledgling godling with vast promise. Bestowed with the divine power that is his birth right, Aziz is considered the de facto leader of the Archangels as he leads his team in the crusade against the demonic horde of Baphomet and Deskari.
praetoril_name.png CG Female Aasimar Time Oracle 16 [Guardian 7]
Dual-Cursed Time Oracle of Ihys
Knight-Divine of the Mendevian Empire
Master of War [New Drezen]

Lady Elle Descaflur, or Praetoril of Time, is the vessel for an exiled god of freedom split into two. With her companion’s soul scarred by a unknown force in the Abyss, Elle searches to reunite Praetoril’s soul and mend the wounds of this world. Beloved by her fellow soldiers, she is the emotional and spiritual leader of the Mendevian Crusade.
Fynna_Name.png CG Female Aasimar Sorceress 16 [Archmage 7]
High Enchantress of Shelyn
Knight-Divine of the Mendevian Empire
Grand Diplomat of New Drezen

Lady Fynna Illamin, or Fynna the Radiant, is the soon-to-be Queen of Mendev and is considered the most beautiful of Shelyn’s daughters. Most importantly, she is the wielder of the Riftkey, a powerful artifact that can open and close any planar breach. With the knowledge that she is the key to closing the Worldwound, Fynna must unravel the mystery of her parent’s final gift and save the world she loves before all is lost.
Leon_name.png LG Male Aasimar Life Oracle 16 [Hierophant 7]
Dual-Cursed Life Oracle of Iomedae
Knight-Divine of the Mendevian Empire
Master of Faith [New Drezen]

Ser Leon Ardoda V, or Leon of Light, is the most devout of Iomedae’s faithful. Tasked by Iomedae herself to lead the Fifth Crusade, Leon stops at nothing to prevent the demonic horde from overtaking Golaria in defense of his overwhelming faith and loved ones. Leon currently searches for his captured brother Daigo, the Herald of Iomedae, in order to save and redeem him before it is too late.
collective_name.png NG Genderless Aasimar Summoner 16 [Champion 7]
Conduit of One Million Souls
Knight-Divine of the Mendevian Empire
Master of Magic [New Drezen]

As a byproduct of arcane/divine magic that went terribly wrong, the souls of the citizens of Ancient Thule were absorbed inside the body of Kaluza Demarch and were used by him to amplify his mythic power. Thousands of years later after Kaluza’s soul was ripped from his body The Collective, a democratic amalgamation of souls within the body, immediately took control and became its host. With a desire to do good, the Collective ventures with the Archangels in order to close the Worldwound and find a way to free themselves from the confines of Kaluza’s body for good.
arueshalae_name.png CG Female Redeemed Succubus Bard 16 [Trickster 7]
Risen Succubus of Desna
Knight-Divine of the Mendevian Empire
Master of Whisperers [New Drezen]

Daring to reject what she was created to be, the beautiful and resolute Lady Arueshalae walks the long road to redemption. With Desna’s help, this risen succubus fights for her own salvation and the right to define both herself and her destiny. She is a natural rogue with excellent skills using both her starbow and starknife and has various spell-like abilities at her disposal. She currently accompanies the Archangels as a guide through the dark confines of the Abyssal plane.
CG Male Aasimar Rogue 15 [Trickster 6]
Eternal Seeker of Desna
Knight-Divine of the Mendevian Empire
Master of Whisperers [New Drezen]

Ser Adlo, or Adlo of the Shadow, is bound by guilt and familial bond to eliminate the demon threat from Golaria. Gifted with a second chance to thwart the plans of Deskari, Adlo delves into the shadowy depths of the multiverse to enact his unquenchable vengeance.
After briefly confronting Baphomet, he is currently lost and trapped in the Ivory Labyrinth.
N Male Aasimar Wizard 3/Cleric 1/Theurge 9 [Archmage 5]
Sage of the Southern Sands
Knight-Divine of the Mendevian Empire
Master of Magic [New Drezen]

Ser Kaluza Demarch, or The Weaver, is riddled with guilt. Seeking a way to right the wrongs of his past, Kaluza must find a way to close the Worldwound and find redemption from his sins before his soul is forever lost to darkness.
He gambled his soul away and his soul is currently in the hands of Balor Lords somewhere within the Abyssal Realm.


12/10/17 – Converting and continuing the campaign from Pathfinder to Fifth Edition. Character creation and conversion rules located here. We’ll be continuing the fifth module Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth next year (1/17/18).

4/14/15 – Prepare level 13; mythic 5 character sheets for next week’s session (4/21/15). We’ll be starting the fourth module The Midnight Isles.

1/16/15 – Prepare level 12; mythic 4 character sheets for next week’s session (1/20/15). We’ll be finishing up the Demon’s Heresy module and heading straight towards our next adventure!

6/30/14 – Prepare level 9; mythic 3 character sheets for next week’s session (7/8/14). We’ll be starting the next module Demon’s Heresy.

5/20/14 – Prepare level 8; mythic 2 character sheets for next week’s session (5/27/14) as you make the final push into Citadel Drezen!

4/1/14 – Sessions are now bi-weekly to accommodate other players. We’ll be playing Rise of the Runelords next Tuesday, April 8 and come back to Wrath of the Righteous on April 15.

3/24/14 – Prepare level 6; mythic 1 character sheets for next week’s session (4/3/14). We’ll be starting Module II – Sword of Valor.

1/2/14 – Prepare level 4 character sheets for the next session. The assault of the Gray Garrison begins!

12/26/13 – Session 3 postponed till next Thursday. Happy holidays everyone!

12/19/13 – Level 3 character sheets are needed before the next session.

12/12/13 – Level 2 character sheets and character’s Pathfinder Society numbers are needed before the next session.

12/5/13 – You will create a 1st level character according to Pathfinder Society (PFS) rules, but that character will be unique for this Adventure Path.


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